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For the travel obsessives among us, it’s living the dream: being paid to travel the world. Having no office but the cheap moncler inside of an aeroplane. Swanning around the world and seeing the sights while watching your bank balance increase.

cheap moncler jackets Only the rare few get to do it (and I’m not one of them, but more on that later), but how do they make it happen? And more importantly, is it really living the dream, or is it a nightmare? cheap moncler jackets

So here’s a short rundown of some of the jobs in which you’ll get paid to travel. I’m not talking about accountants who moncler mens jackets can score a lucrative job with some firm in London, but the professions which moncler outlet actually require you to pack up your bags and hit the road.

The good: I’m asked so often about this that I figured it would be worth putting into blog form. But first, to dispel a myth: I don’t make a living out of this. Sure, I get paid each week (inexplicably, some of you might say) to provide my travel warblings, but nowhere near enough to keep my head above water. It’s something I love doing Moncler Black Friday , but it’s not all I do.

Thing is, getting your travel yarns published is relatively easy, and it’s all about contacts. You’ll need to show these people what you can do. You may even have to write for free for the first couple of stories. Once editors have seen what you can do and you’ve got press clippings to show others you can start making money out of it.

To kick things off, buy every paper and magazine, find contact details for the editor, and start calling and emailling. You’ve got nothing to lose, and if you can submit work to them, then neither do they.

The bad: It’s very hard to make a living out it. Some do, but not many.

moncler outlet uk Then if you do get paid, the money ain’t moncler outlet online great. Say you go off on an overseas trip, then come back and manage to sell three stories. That’s about $2000/$2500 so you’re not even breaking even. It’s a nice way to top up your income, but don’t guarantee your mortgage on it. moncler outlet uk

cheap moncler outlet Another down side is you’ll often end up doing highly sanitised junket travel nice if you want a good clean hotel monlcer down jackets and someone to hold your cheap moncler jackets hand, but hell for the independent traveller. cheap moncler outlet

moncler outlet online The ugly: Er, have you seen my photo? moncler outlet online

moncler outlet jackets The good: Like travel? This way you get to immerse yourself in it. You can talk about it all day long, sit around planning adventures with people, and, best of all, take advantage of wildly discounted airfares. (Depending on which airline you’re flying with, you can expect to pay around 25 per cent of a normal fare.) Oh, and there are also plenty of junkets to wangle your way onto. moncler outlet jackets

The bad: Remember when I said «planning adventures with people»? That should have read: «planning wild adventures for people». You don’t get to go. In fact, frustratingly, all you do is sit around an office all day planning other peoples’ fun. And then when they have a change of heart and decide not to pay for than fun, you’re left without a red cent.

Ask any travel agent, and they’ll tell you the down side of the job is high sales targets that are worshipped by management. It’s sell, sell, sell in this world. Those nice people you’re organising a holiday for? It’s your job to screw them out of buy moncler jackets as much money as possible. Good luck.

The ugly: Dealing daily with moronic customers who say things like: «Yeah g’day, I’ve got about $500 to spend and me and me mate want to go to Bali for a week what can you do for us?»

moncler factory outlet The good: Pretty simple really: you get paid to fly around the world. Today you’re in Tokyo, tomorrow you’re in LA, the next day you’re in Honolulu. You also work with a team of people similar in age who all get dumped in the same foreign land as you. If there aren’t some wild parties. well, there really should be. moncler factory outlet

cheap moncler I was chatting to a flighty friend of mine a few weeks ago and was asking him about where he usually flies to. cheap moncler

moncler sale «So, do you have a regular route?» I asked. moncler sale

cheap moncler coats «Hey,» he replied, «that’s moncler sale just a rumour.» cheap moncler coats

moncler jackets outlet The bad: Again, it’s dealing with customers. The «waiters of the sky» have to deal with some pretty annoying people at times (you’ve probably had to sit next to one) with some pretty stupid demands. Also, you’re often so knackered by the time you hit your destination that there’s no time to see the sights. moncler jackets outlet

The ugly: It’s not nice to think about, but plenty of people die on planes. Who has moncler sale outlet to deal with them?

The good: Okay, good news: you don’t have to be an overly smiley former Miss Universe to get a gig on a travel TV show. There are plenty of other jobs besides presenting. For example, the producers and camera operators get to go everywhere the hosts go, they just don’t have to whack on the make up and wax lyrical.

cheap moncler jackets sale I have a friend who’s a producer for an Australian travel show, and she loves it. She doesn’t get a lot of time for sightseeing, and she has to deal with the odd diva, but as she says, it beats working in an office moncler outlet store all day. cheap moncler jackets sale

The bad: Aside from the aforementioned divas, travel shows also aren’t as glamorous as they’d have you believe. Catriona might show you through the Presidential Suite, but you can bet she’s staying the night in a twin room with a snoring cameraman.

moncler outlet You’ll also be taking the cheapest route to your destination which means a lot of stopovers, and a lot of waiting in airports. moncler outlet

moncler outlet store The ugly: Er, um. I better not. moncler outlet store

moncler sale outlet The good: There’s never a dull moment on tour which can be a good thing, or a bad thing. The great part about tour leading is that you get to meet cheap moncler sale some amazing people, and you really are on the ground, experiencing life in a different cheap moncler outlet country while you’re working. Would you rather be sitting at a computer, tapping away, or giving an cheap moncler coats impromptu history lesson on the Roman Empire while leading your group through the Piazza Navona? moncler sale outlet

moncler outlet sale The bad: Once again, it’s those damn customers who’ll moncler outlet sale bring you down in this case , the whiney brats who don’t understand why they can’t read any of the street signs, and why their Telstra phone card won’t work in Prague. There’s also a lot of behind the scenes organisation and planning to be done, plus you’ll get paid barely enough to buy the booze needed to drown your sorrows at the end of the day. moncler outlet sale

The ugly: On the last night of the last trip I ever did as a tour cook, I had to can my night out in Amsterdam after a gap year passenger decided to down an entire box of magic mushrooms and vomit them back up all over me. Strangely, I don’t miss the job that much.

moncler jacket sale It’s not always a bad thing sometimes you get on just as well as you did overseas. You hang out together for a few days, reminisce about the old times, have a few nights on the turps, and off they go. Some, however, take one look at your cushie Aussie lifestyle, the beach 15 minutes from your house, and they set up camp moncler jacket sale.

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