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I lived in a hood rat part of SoCal when I got my first tattoos, 2 Celtic knot paw prints Canada Goose Coats On Sale one over each hip and they are by far my least canada goose favorites(I still love them for being meaningful and my first ink, although they look the worst out all my work now and at least I learned so much from getting them), those were still $150 after I tipped him. You canada goose outlet store uk hit the canada goose uk shop nail on the head, people get these super cheap tattoos from friends, family, and friends of friends in garages or disgusting shops that have $20 goose outlet canada specials on a consistent basis. I’ve had several friends get these kinds of abominations and it buy canada goose jacket cheap winds up costing 3x as much to get canada goose outlet new york city them covered up or fixed so it doesn’t look like trash.It’s one thing to have a super close friend tattoo a little something canada goose outlet uk sale silly/ugly/personal that you cherish, many people have things like that and they can be quite charming. People give me shit for Canada Goose online it all the time because it canada goose outlet jackets pretty big and looks pretty bad, like it just words but it still hard to canada goose jacket outlet read, and I canada canada goose coats goose outlet reviews get that and sometimes feel Canada Goose Online sort of embarrassed, but also I sort of love it because it just the perfect tattoo to memorialize that weird ass time Canada Goose Jackets of my life and canada goose outlet toronto factory the crazy adventure I had and I wouldn pay to fix it (although honestly besides a total coverup I don know if there is any fixing it), canada goose clearance canada goose outlet online uk but my point is that I think canada goose factory sale a shitty tattoo can still be awesome uk canada goose and meaningful if it was gotten for the right reasons.I mean that said all of my other tattoos were done by the highest rated professional canada goose outlet sale I could find and I spent hundreds on each and they all look great and will definitely never get another free tattoo again. Just saying lol. The narcissistic side of me once wanted to canada goose uk outlet canada goose outlet make even more of me, but Canada Goose sale in having my first child I have canada goose outlet uk also found out I don enjoy being a parent to an infant. Love looking after older kids and teaching, but not babies. Thinking of using the positives I got from my family (artistic talent, IQ, a keen awareness of how badly some people can screw up) to raise foster children. Rescue a few more kids from the canada goose coats on sale sort of shit I endured as a child, give them a good chance. And, not sharing my genes, they probably won be plagued with autoimmune conditions, depression, and cancer in their 50s too!Chiming in also, I say approaching two grand, if not over (likely over). It covering a lot canada Canada Goose Outlet goose black friday sale of his chest, there is a ton of line work, and not official canada goose uk black friday canada goose outlet nice simple lines, canada goose outlet canada you got the shredded skin that actually looks good. Takes time. Then there the colors, and the shading, my god the canada goose outlet black friday shading. There a ton canada goose clearance sale of skill and time in this piece, this artist canada goose factory outlet is very good (as far as I can tell from this pixelated picture), and is quite large. This canada goose outlet shop all combines to be pricey. The one on the left is fucking gorgeous though, canada goose outlet parka and I say worth whatever they paid. I am a bartender. I work in a tip industry. cheap canada goose uk I went to a new artist who was amazing. He gave me the best tattoo I have (out of the 30 or so that I have)On a 250 dollar tattoo I left him an 80 dollar tip. My next canada goose outlet online tattoo at the same shop from the same guy was only 150 dollars Canada Goose Parka and it was slightly larger.He also canada goose outlet in usa canada goose black friday sale made me a priority and I didn have to wait the usual canadian goose jacket month or two to book my appointment. Tip canada goose outlet store your artists. canada goose outlet nyc They will take care uk canada goose outlet of you. You don have to leave something extravagant. Even throwing cheap Canada Goose them a 20 on a 200 dollar tattoo just shows them you appreciate their work.Disclaimer if they don do great work, treat you well, listen to your concerns and the like, then obviously I wouldn be tipping them. This goes for your guys that do great work, and take good care buy canada goose jacket of you.

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